Ryan Timoney

Profession: Web Developer

Location: Austin, TX

I am currently developing the website for the Association of Hill Country Churches.

The tools I'm currently using include Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Minitest, Jasmine, git, Bootstrap/CSS, jQuery/JavaScript, Cloud9 IDE, Heroku, AWS S3, the AWS SDK, Paperclip, and SendGrid.

In the past, I've written in PHP, C++, and ASP. I've managed my own Lynux web servers and MySQL databases. I've also deployed RoR apps via Engine Yard.

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Ryan Timoney in Afghanistan

I am a proud Army veteran. In 2009, after graduating from college, I enlisted in the US Army with a seat in Officer Candidate School. Once through the schools and assigned to a unit, I volunteered several times for deployment to Afghanistan. In late 2011, I was picked up by 214th Fires Brigade to join Security Force Assistance Team 28. We deployed to Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan, the following spring.

On 20 May 2012, our unit was hit by a suicide bomber. CPT Jesse Ozbat and 2LT Tobias Alexander were killed in action. I was wounded, and lost my left leg below the knee. I medically retired in the fall of 2014.

Military nonprofits I recommend:

Homes For Our Troops 100 Entrepreneurs Project Fisher House Semper Fi Fund MusiCorps St. Michaels Soldiers